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What do most teens struggle with as their bodies change?  Maintaining a complexion they feel good about and which lays a foundation for positive, long-term skin health!

For this facial, we offer an approach specifically designed for teens who are experiencing hormonal imbalances which cause the skin to develop an oily look with mild breakouts.  We can modify the approach to your specific needs depending on the grade of acne.   Let’s attack your acne with therapeutic cleansing, steaming, extractions and high frequency treatment.  You’ll be proud of the results and feel that boost of confidence with clearer skin!Ask for the Teen Package.


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PRICE: $50

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This is a wonderful, relaxing and revitalizing facial that includes the extraction of impurities, as well as a soothing facial, shoulder, neck and hand massage.  We pamper your skin with calming essential oils and a hydrating mask which is followed by a nutrient-rich moisturizer to hydrate, protect and help restore the natural balance of your skin. 

The health benefits you’ll discover in the refreshingly clean-smelling lavender essential oil include the ability to reduce nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the skin and even enhance blood circulation. 

Take time out of your busy day and treat yourself to this experience!


Curious about this facial?  This anti-oxidant, anti-aging, revitalizing and rejuvenating facial is rich in Vitamin C and is ideal for smokers, those who have brown spots, signs of aging, or a tired look to the skin accompanied by a gray or yellowish color. 

If you are looking for a facial to refresh your skin, leaving it vibrant and radiant … this is the right treatment for you!

A regular skin care program is vital to maintaining healthy, youthful and vibrant skin.  At SPASIVAUSA, you may choose from a variety of therapeutic and seasonal facials utilizing the finest in skin care products from around the world.

Here you can find a wide range of luxurious facials as well as advanced facial treatments that include chemical peels/microdermabrasion, radiofrequency, micro needling facials, certified aromatherapy facials, body treatments for cellulitis, body contouring, firming, detox and relaxing body wraps.  All are offered within a calming and healing environment.  In addition, know that we provide face and body waxing using skilled techniques to prevent skin irritation while promoting progressive hair reduction.

Our philosophy of personalized skin care focuses on all skin types as well as your emotional well-being to achieve maximum results.  We recognize the most effective way to support your skin care needs is to take an inside-out approach when treating such conditions as acne, sun damage, sensitive skin and slowing the effects of aging.  Our sessions are customized with a personal touch of essentials oils and a commitment to meet your individual needs.